INMERSUS Software Solution


INTERACTIVE KEY AWARD 2014 Special Award – Best Software 2014

Inmersus is the only Digital Signage and Multitouch software that everyone, even non-technical users, can use to create incredible interactive experiences, using only their own creative flair. No knowledge of hardware or programming is required. Inmersus is ideal for creating innovative interactive experiences for any business, communication, edutainment or to make memorable an experience of visiting museums, fairs and events.



The Digital Signage application embeds all the features to create playlists of video content 24/7. It is based on layouts that the user can create to easily define the various areas of the screen and assign to this areas the content or playlists of content to be broadcast in a loop. Inmersus Digital Signage provides 2 different licenses: Basic and Pro.



The Discovery application is the heart of Inmersus multitouch applications. This application allows you to browse documents, brochures and interactive playlists. It is configured in 5 different views that can be completely customized. Depending on the license, some displays may not be available. 3 different types of licenses are available Basic, Plus and PRO.



Il Collaboration Tool permette agli oratori di realizzare sessione di collaborazione con la propria platea.
Le presentazioni possono essere caricate sul software ed organizzate precedentemente alla sessione. L’oratore potrà servirsi, durante la sessione, dei vari tool di annotazione, evidenziazione e snapshot.
La platea potrà seguire la presentazione anche attraverso il proprio device grazie ad una URL specifica che connette i device all’applicazione di collaborazione attraverso un QRCode. Tramite il proprio device l’utente potrà salvare gli appunti e le presentazioni oltre che aggiungere le proprie annotazioni.



The Dynamic Presenter is a set of tools that improves live presentations. Depending on the needs, different types of licenses and views are available. The main feature allows the presenter to browse content from a music stand connected to other monitors in the same room, providing an immersive experience. The presenter can send the content on one or more monitors simply by selecting the layout. It is possible to import PDF and PPTx files, images and video files into the software, as well as using the multi touch browser.